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Daylight Fading

I love the quiet change of seasons at this time each year, as summer begins to slip away and give way to fall.

It’s a subtle shift, not at all like the bursting forth of springtime buds and flowers or the sudden appearance—and disappearance—of brightly colored autumn leaves.  It’s one measured by degrees—of evenings that fall ever so slightly clearer and cooler that their chill creeps up and settles upon us like fog; of rays of sunlight that strike our faces at ever more oblique angles.

It’s celestial geometry that resolves itself in golden light, and golden time, as the world itself quickens and stirs something within us.

Around here, it’s set to music: the final chorus of summer sung by cicadas, crickets and katydids.

Time, now, to throw open the bedroom windows, and fall asleep to their song.